About Shannon

Shannon is a born and raised Pilbara boy (Northwest Western Australia). An early introduction to music through piano, guitar, brass instruments including trumpet, tuba and anything to bang a beat on led to music being a large part of his life. On leaving school he went onto play guitar in several cover bands.

A hiatus of 18 years with only the occasional guitar playing due to a career in the emergency services has led to his musical resurgence, specifically writing original music. Life’s experiences have provided a variety of material for lyrics, with songs entwined into genres, ranging from folk acoustic guitar ballads to rock songs.

As a regular visitor to the United States, an opportunity presented to collaborate with a talented musician / producer, Dave COLEMAN occurred in Nashville TN. After tracking 5 songs in the studio in August 2016, then returning to Perth to continue to write, returned to Nashville in May 2017 and completed his first debut Indie album comprising of 11 songs, titled “Dry weather Road Only”  with an expected Album release in mid-2017.

Shannon is passionate about bringing attention and support to sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), a genuine problem amongst emergency service workers and defence service men and women.

He has with support of beyondblue offered the track Shadow Boy, from the album “Dry weather Road Only” to be used as a fundraising tool, with all proceeds from the sale going to beyondblue who are currently researching and assisting PTSD sufferers here in Australia.

Now residing on a rural property on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia, Shannon continues to write new songs and endeavours to take his music to not only the local Perth original music scene but to also bring his music to the rural areas of Western Australia, by completing a state wide tour when time permits.

“Music is to be enjoyed, and nothing makes me happier than creating a piece that someone enjoys and feels the passion the same way I do about the music I love”.